Monday, May 9, 2011

Veggie shake ideas

My little boy’s new found independence has moved into his eating habits. He has figured out that he can choose not to eat the foods that I place in front of him. Over the last year he has been an excellent eater and seems to eat everything and anything but recently he has been refusing foods. In order to ensure he is getting enough vegetables I have been making Veggie shakes.
2 cups Spinach, 1 apple, and several strawberries. Blend together and serve as a shake or make frozen pops with it. Nathaniel loves this one. I have also added one yogurt to this shake and if I don’t have strawberries I add blueberries or any other mixed fruit that I have around.
Another good Idea I got from Staci with Healthy Babies – Healthy Parents Playgroup – First 5 Yuba see link below for more info.
-          1 medium carrot
-          1 medium sweet potato
-          1 apple
I tried this shake and Nathaniel enjoyed it as well.!/pages/Healthy-Babies-Healthy-Parents-Playgroup-First-5-Yuba/161717207764

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