Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pick a letter each week

There are many learning activities that you can do at home with your child. Set aside 10 to 15 min for circle time. In our circle time we sing the alphabet song while I help Nathaniel point to each letter with his magic wand. This helps with letter association and makes it fun. Next, I pick a letter to focus for that week and we talk about that letter and words that begin with that letter. At the same time I work in the sound of the letter which will help with early reading as your child learns to put the sound with the letter. Nathaniel is just starting to talk and over the last few weeks we have talked about the letter A, B, C and we are on D. What was so amazing was that after we talked about B and looked at Balls and made the B sound, he began saying "Ball" for the first time. We did this same thing with the letter C. We talked about how car starts with C and made the c sounds. Then later that week he started saying Car for the first time. What a great way to help expand your child’s vocabulary and encourage talking.

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