Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What to do while waiting...

Yesterday, I went to the doctor's for allergy shots. After getting the shot I am required to sit there for 20 min so they can check and make sure I didn't go into any sort of allergic reaction. I know this is for my own good but to sit and wait with a 1 1/2 yr old can be a challenge. We walked around the building, walked up then down the stairs many times. We rode the elevator several times but we needed to go back to the doctor's office for my quick check up. I decided it was time to play tea.

(Pretend play is very important for children of young ages. It allows them to explore and develop their language skills, learn new words and meanings. As they get older they have the opportunity to try on various hats in order to develop their personality and explore careers.)

We pretended that we were British and were having tea and crumpets. We talked about the weather, and what doctor's do and how there are many different types of doctors. We talked about the tea and how we like our tea.

I found that Nathaniel was very interested in this type of pretend play and it made that 15 min go by quickly and it allowed for some time to sit and rest.

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