Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Every Day Activities...

Today, I got down on the floor with Nathaniel and we looked around. We talked about how tall things were like the kitchen cabinets and how the table used to be so tall and now he can reach it. I crawled around the house and we looked for things to talk about.  Then I pulled out the laundry basked and Nathaniel crawled into it. We pretended that the basked was a boat and that we were in the ocean. The seas got a little rough since it was raining outside and I gently bounced the basket up and down. We talk about the seagulls in the air and the dolphins and whales in the ocean. We also talked about the rain outside. I used a little wooden spoon as a paddle and pretended to paddle in the ocean and then Nathaniel wanted to give it a try. We had so much fun. You don’t need to buy a lot of expensive toys to have fun just look around and think creatively.
Art for today:
Warm Cornstarch Fingerpaint – from First Art by Mary Ann Kohl.
Dissolve 1  cup cornstarch into ½ cut cold water set aside. Boil three cuts water in saucepan on stove. Remove the pan add the cornstarch mixture to the hot water. Stir constantly. Place pan back on stove and boil for about 1 min, until clear and thick. Add ½ teaspoon food coloring. Be sure the cornstarch is dissolved before adding the food coloring. Allow paint to cool down and then paint together with the warm paint. Not hot. Talk about how it feels warm and soft. Talk about the different textures you can feel. Most important…. Have Fun!!!

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  1. Love the paint idea. Btw, I use food coloring for body paint as well, just take lotion and add food coloring to it, not toxic, washes off relatively easy and is a lot of fun to pain faces with