Sunday, March 20, 2011

Meat Loaf Sandwich

Meat Loaf Sandwich

I am not normally a fan of meat loaf but I tried this recipe and loved it.
5 sandwich rolls - I used buttermilk biscuits.
1 egg
1 can of stewed tomates
2 tb of fresh asil
1 lb of ground beef
4 oz of cheddar cheese
1 cup of fresh spinach leaves.
I added some extra veggies see below:

Combine bread crumbs, egg, tomatoes and basil with your ground beef. ( I actually used ground turkey) I then puréed 1 clove of garlic, added 1 cut of cooked puréed summer squash, carrots, and green pepper. I first steamed all the above and then blended it and added it to the meat. Mixed and then cooked at around 400 for about 40 min. I then cooked up buttermilk biscuits.

Presentation and it looks nice:
Sliced the buttermilk biscuit put a slice of meatloaf on top added the spinach and stewed tomatoes and then we ate. Nathaniel sometimes doesn't seem to eat chicken and taco meat by themselves but he absolutely loved the meat loaf. I think the summer squash gave it a touch of sweetness. We all enjoyed this dish.

Modified from Better Homes and Gardens March 2011 issue.
by Angela A.

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